Protection of an environment

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By placing high emphasis on environment protection, the Plant management is aimed at maximum reduction of production wastes, recycling and proper disposal thereof. For example, the basic wastes of etching production, namely, spent pickling solutions of sulfates, are transferred to vitriolic units where crystallization of ferric sulfates with formation of aqueous ferrous sulfate (FeSO4- 7 H2O) takes place. Iron vitriol thus formed is packed and sold, including export sales.

Mother solution, after upsetting iron vitriol, is returned to etching department, conditioned by concentrated acid, and introduced into manufacturing process again. Therefore, the Plant implements a closed cycle, ensuring minimum impact on the environment. Besides, the Plant is equipped with the station for neutralization of rinsing water from etching department; facilities of household effluents' biological treatment and so on. All emission points are properly marked and provided with catcher units.