The organization of quality assurance

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In the domain of product quality control, Metiz Plant CJSC is aimed at achievement and securing of reputation of the Company, which products are in full compliance with the customer requirements.

Quality of product output is a priority for all the Company's employees, from director to worker.
All the Company's operations are covered by Quality Control System. This system provides for:
  • Incoming inspection of raw stuff and materials;
  • Control of effective technological documentation;
  • Control of products during manufacturing process (operating control, laboratory-metric control);
  • Control of finished products, packing and shipment thereof.

Control of product output within the Company is vested in the Technical Control Department. "Dneprostandartmetrologiya" Enterprise (Dnipropetrovsk) is responsible for external quality control of the Company's products. Since 1996, Metiz Plant CJSC operates without any customer reclamations and claims.

The Company renovates its technology base on regular basis.
Product quality is a basic factor allowing to gain the customer confidence, to expand sales markets and economic relations.