Instruction of the buyer

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1) For purchasing products of Metiz Plant CJSC, non-resident customer should proceed as follows:

- submit a request stating the name, dimensions and quantity of products

- discuss payment terms and dates of product shipment with experts of sales departments

- indicate essential details (legal address, banking details, recipient name and address, recipient code at the station, and destination station code and name, should the goods be delivered by railway; discharge point should the goods be delivered by truck) for concluding a contract

- conclude the contract and pay for products within agreed periods

- in case of delivery by railway, the customer should provide the Plant with bill of lading filling-in conditions. In case of transit, the customer should also send a transit telegram (several days before indicated dates of product shipment)

- in case of delivery by truck, carrier company should provide the Plant with CMR bill (with carrier company seal properly affixed in the relevant columns). Besides, carrier company should submit the driver passport, truck certificates, and MD-1 receipt issued on the border (for non-resident carriers crossing the border)

2) Delivery terms used by the Plant:

DAF – border of Ukraine (applicable mainly to railway transport)

FCA – Kamenskoe (applicable mainly to motor transport)

СРТ – port (point of destination both for railway transport and motor transport) 

3) Below listed are documents provided with shipped products:

- Copy of cargo customs declaration

- Invoice

- Quality Certificate

- Packing List (by the customer request)