Basket for Vegetables

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Technical Specifications on Basket for Vegetables
РСТ УССР 1568-84

Baskets for vegetables are intended for household needs

1. Baskets for vegetables are made of welded metal structures, in the form of truncated cone, with two plastic handles.

2. Baskets have the following overall dimensions:
- width 585 10 mm;
- height 330 10 mm;
Weight of one basket is 2000 g.

3. Baskets are made of general-purpose low-carbon steel wire, as per GOST 3282-74.

4. Metal parts are joined using contact spot welding.

5. Metal parts of baskets are painted with nitro-enamels.

6. Baskets are shipped in packs, 5 pieces each, and placed one into another.

Basket packs are wrapped into two layers of brown paper and tied up with the use of packing twine.

Baskets are transported by any carriers, in the covered cars securing protection from mechanical damage and ingress of moisture, and subject to due observance of freight regulations valid for the relevant transport facilities.